This weekend we completed Lucky’s Autosports down in Lexington.  The job was 3 large bays with an upper walking area.  The client wanted the entire floor to be black, however they wanted the top area to be a solid glass looking black with a couple of their logos imbedded into the floor and the bay areas to be a more commercial finish that could take a little more abuse.  The entire project we did using polyaspartics.  The top was a 3 coat system: we tinted the primer coat and base coats black.  We then installed two logos and finished it up with a glossy clear coat on top to protect the logo and really make the floor pop.  On the bottom we did a typical chip system but instead of a clear on the top we did two black tinted top coats with 80 grit aluminum oxide in the final coat to give even more slip resistance and durability.  Just some more variations that ASE has come up with to give the customer exactly what they had envisioned.