This job was for the Purple Monkey in Bellevue Kentucky.  When the client came to us they did not have much time to get this job completed.  It was Wednesday and they needed a floor put down and be ready to start moving things in by the next Monday. They wanted something simple and inexpensive but also a nice look.  Lucky for us the concrete was in excellent condition so there was not much repair to be made. We decided to go with a two coat solid color system.  For the color we went with a nice bronze color.  For the primer we used a bronze tinted polyaspartic so that we could get excellent adhesion to the concrete and have a very fast cure time.  For the topcoat we used a bronze colored urethane, urethane’s are great top coat because they are UV stable unlike epoxies and about half the cost of using a polyaspartic for the top coat.  However for ultimate wear resistance a polyaspartic with 240 grit aluminum oxide is what we recommend.  We put the final coat on Sunday morning and they were able to start moving in Monday!