So ASE Floors is finally unveiling our new basement floor system.  Of course we can do any of our coatings in a basement but we wanted to do something that was even more decorative and versatile while also leaving the floor completely smooth.  We start by diamond blade grinding the floor like usual, next we add two to three coats of a cementicious overlay which makes the floor smooth from imperfections and and takes the stain extremely well.  Once that is dry we stain the overlay with whatever colors that the client prefers (colors and patterns can be inconsistent which adds to the overall look).  After the stain has dried we put a high build epoxy over top of the overlay to pop the color and look glass smooth.  Lastly we put an urethane topcoat on it for scratch resistance and durability.  Also we can make the topcoat high gloss or matte finish.  The end product is a beautiful, high end floor that is the perfect solutions for basements.