ASE Floor Coatings is proud to announce that we have just completed the first Floor Coating for a Wendy’s Restaurant kitchen in the nation.  Wendy’s approached us because all the different types of floors that they had put down in the past had one problem or another.  Some of them had to keep replacing the grout between the tiles because the cleaner that was being used was eating it away.  Another floor they tried was showing major wear patterns.  Ultimately they wanted something that was easy to clean, would hold up to wear and tear, was non porous and still slip resistant.   ASE Floor Coatings went to the drawing board , by utilizing two different types of polyaspartics ( a 2 component for adhesion and base and a single component moisture cured topcoat for strength and durability) and two different grits of aluminum oxide for slip resistance  we came up with the perfect solution for Wendy’s.  ASE Floor Coatings also troweled a cove base around the entire perimeter to completely seal the kitchen floor 6 inches up the wall.  The final product was exactly what they were looking for.  Check out the pictures from start to finish.  There will be more coming soon after they add all the kitchen equipment and hopefully more Wendy’s kitchens to come.