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Concrete Sealing

Despite its durability, concrete is a very porous material, which means it can absorb water, chlorides, stains, and other water- or oil-based materials that it comes in contact with.  If the water in the concrete is allowed to freeze, the molecules will expand and begin to push against the walls of the pores. The result of this is that the holes become micro cracks and begin to expand and spread across the surface of the concrete. These micro cracks can continue to expand and become visible cracks that will be unsightly and overall weaken your concrete.

By treating the concrete with a sealer, you can inhibit the penetration of these intruders while allowing the surface to breathe, so moisture within the concrete doesn’t become trapped.  Concrete sealants can and will increase the strength, the usefulness, and the longevity of your concrete work for years and years to come.

Crack / Patch Repair

All concrete surfaces crack; it is the nature of the product.  Fortunately, ASE is able to repair these cracks and unsightly areas before coating.

Using diamond blade wheels, we are able to widen the cracks and then fill them with a 2-part polyurea product that bonds with both sides of the crack.  These repair areas typically dry in 10-15 minutes with a strength that is 2x that of normal concrete.  After being ground down flush with the floor, the area is ready to be coated and will most likely not be seen through the finished floor.


Concrete never dries out, it will always have moisture in it to some degree.  If you were to look at concrete through a microscope, it would have a texture similar to that of a sponge, porous and full of imperfections.  That being said, the sealers and coatings ASE uses are designed with that fact in mind.

While most epoxies and urethanes are very sensitive to moisture and can only handle 3-4 lbs. of moisture in the concrete, our polyurea systems can handle up to 6 lbs. of moisture in the surface.  This means that we can install in most situations with no hesitation or worries of premature failure due to hydrostatic pressure.

However, there are some situations that lend themselves to high moisture content in a concrete slab.  These include underground springs, no moisture-vapor barrier in the concrete, etc.  Using a moisture meter, we can test to find problems such as these.  If this is found to be true in a slab we are going to coat, there is a solution.
ASE first grinds the floor to clean and open up the pores in the substrate.  Then, a waterproofing sealer is applied and allowed to soak into the concrete.  After 24 hrs., the floor is dry and ready to coat.

Cove Installation

ASE Concrete Floor Coatings has the ability to create seamless floors with cove base incorporated into the floor.  By using a resinous pre-cast cove base system adhered to the wall and the floor, we are able to coat up to the top of the cove base and simulate a “bath tub” feeling that is water tight.

The main benefit of this is the floor and bottom edges of the walls are protected and can be hosed out, mopped, or even pressure washed with no fear of water getting under the walls or creating mold issues.  It also creates a nicer finished look than the vinyl cove base usually seen in commercial settings and high-end homes.
Cove base is available in four different sizes including 1” tall, 4” tall, 6” tall, and 8” tall.

Custom Logo Installation

ASE Concrete Floor Coatings has the ability to lay custom graphics inside the floor sealer. With your provided files, we can install your full color company logo, floor graphic advertising or specialized designs into the floor. This is a great way to show your logo on show room floors and entry ways.