Residential Floors

Residential Floors

ASE has been installing unique and creative, functional resinous artwork in people’s homes for years now. We are proud of our customer relationships over the years and understand the importance of treating the customer’s home as we would our own. ASE is especially proud to say that we have never had a customer complaint on any employee, as we would not bring anyone we don’t trust into your home.

Along with the importance of our customer relationships comes the importance of the quality of our work. Our end goal on every job is to see the stars in the customer’s eyes as we transform their project spaces into their desired sanctuaries. From turning dingy basements, or brand-new builds into warm, inviting gorgeous homey areas of all sizes. To kitchens, bathrooms, home gyms, laundry rooms, tabletops, counters, garages and even porches. No job is too small for ASE. Most people don’t realize that we can coat over wood surfaces as well, leaving an unlimited amount of options to yours and our imaginations for projects to spice up your living space to reflect more of “you”.

We work with each individual customer as much as they desire. We always try to make “sample boards” to really nail down the vision of the customer, leaving them comfortable with their decisions before we execute our custom install. We really hope you give us a chance to earn your business and bring all your decorative dreams into a living reality in your home!​

The Benefits

  • Virtually unlimited designs, patterns and color options
  • Complete project customization
  • Affordable and cost effective when compared to other flooring products
  • Extreme durability for high traffic areas
  • Very low maintenance compared to other flooring systems
  • Will not stain like grout or carpeting
  • Can be installed pre or post construction
  • For new or existing floors

Quality Workmanship with Excellent Service

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